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Chaplo Provides FAA Part 107 Drone (sUAV) Video and Photography Services for Corporate Clients

Paul Chaplo holds a FAA Part 107 certificate as a commercial drone pilot-in-command. Combined with years of experience as a hard-hat photographer, and over a decade of working from helicopters and airplanes, Chaplo offers Part 107 drone-based photography and video services including LAANC-authorized missions in many controlled airspaces. In many cases, we can legally operate even near airports and Military Operations Areas (MOA's) which are found in our service area. It's all about mission planning for success!

We focus on Midland Odessa Pecos-area energy, oilfield, solar, industrial, commercial real estate, communications, and power grid imaging. Our enterprise-scale sUAV can fly and capture high-resolution photographs in West Texas winds that ground small consumer drones. Chaplo ground-level photography, with an affordable aerial service add-on, is a cost-effective combination to cover your company's assets and work with Paul's boots in dirt, and his eyes in the air. Need to go higher than sUAV altitude limits? Or fly in a place where no civilian drone can go? We have provided imaging up to 10,000' AGL using manned aircraft. We have even flown and worked off the end of the DFW International Airport main runways for a TXDOT video using a helicopter!

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