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The Permian Basin and
Wolfcamp Shale Oil Boom Returns

What is the Wolfcamp shale of the Permian Basin?
The Wolfcamp shale is an underground formation shaped like a basin with shale rock that is rich in petroleum resources such as oil and natural gas.

How much gas is in the Wolfcamp shale of the Permian Basin?
281 trillion cubic feet of natural gas are estimated to be extractable from the Wolfcamp shale. In addition, there is an estimated 20 billion barrels of natural gas liquids.

How much oil is in the Wolfcamp shale of the Permian Basin?
There is an estimated 46.3 Billion Barrels of Oil in the Wolfcamp shale play.

Where is the Wolfcamp Shale located?
In West Texas and Southeast New Mexico. The Wolfcamp Shale is part of the larger Permian Basin. The hearts of the Permian Basin for the oil and natural gas business are the cities of Midland and Odessa, Texas. With the new estimates of the potential for the Wolfcamp in the Delaware sub-basin, that emphasis is moving further west. Also the oil and gas bearing rock stretches far to the south -- almost to Fort Davis, and to the west not quite to Abilene to the east and San Angelo, TX to the southeast.

Is there an oil and natural gas boom in Midland-Odessa TX at this time?
Yes, there is. Drilling rigs are going into the field. New pipelines will relieve the bottleneck of getting oil and gas to market. In addition, the numerous "drilled but uncompleted wells" will be fracked and go into production. It's like a gold rush atmosphere in West Texas. Also housing is very expensive if you can find it.

Petroleum annual report photographer Paul Chaplo specializes creating images of the oil and gas fields of the Permian Basin / Wolfcamp shale in Texas and New Mexico. Chaplo has a master's degree in photography from RIT, and his book "Marfa Flights" was published by TAMU Press.

-Paul Chaplo, MFA, AIA-Assoc.
Oilfield Photographer
mobile: 972-898-6969


Map-Midland Basin-Wolfcamp-Shale-Map-oil

MAP: The Wolfcamp Shale of the Midland Basin (USGS)


MAP: The Wolfcamp Shale of the Delaware Basin (USGS)

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