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How to Prepare for you Petroleum / Industrial Photosession

You have found a professional photographer. What's next? Manage the photography assignment just like you would any project. The key is good planning.

What are your expectations and priorities?
Write them down and discuss with your team and key stakeholders. You and you team need to write a "shot list" of what shots or pictures that you need. 

How will the images be used? For example: annual report, website, presentations, marketing, and/or framed prints for the walls. 

A photographer like Paul Chaplo can prep the digital files to target your applications and save you time so you can 'hit the floor running.'

Now think about where the photographer can capture those views on your locations.

Here are some steps to consider:
1. Decide on a shot list. Write down a brief description of each. 
2. Prioritize the list with most important photos at the top.
3. Consider where the images can be captured and if possible, make a map of locations. See if there is an escort who can at least take the photographer into the field and get them oriented.

4. Do smart routing to group photography sites together.

5. Timing: Consider best time of day for sunlight direction. Does the photographer need to capture a key project stage or process such as a frac job? When will it happen? When will they set up?

6. Check weather forecast for scheduling outdoor photography.

7. Inform photographer of any training and safety equipment.
8. Take time to carefully develop a shot list that describes each photograph needed.
9. Prioritize the shot list so that the professional photographer knows what photos are most important to you and your company.

10. Provide an escort or directions to unlock any gates other other access restrictions that require permissions.

Each hour spent planning can save multiple hours in the field. By working closely with your oil & gas photographer you can help them be most productive on-site and be on target with nailing your objectives.

Paul Chaplo, MFA Photography, AIA-Assoc.
mobile: 972-898-6969
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Author of Marfa Flights, a book of Texas aerial landscapes!
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Gallery: Industrial Photography Permian Wolfcamp Shale   PHOTO: ©Paul Chaplo

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