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Permian Oil & Gas Photographer

Pecos, TX - Carlsbad, NM

Chaplo photography captures images of oil and gas exploration, location earthwork, drilling rigs, fracking, downhole work, well heads, trucking, chemical delivery, monitoring, service, and maintenance.

We specialize in Delaware Basin - Wolfcamp Shale photography to illustrate your assets in the field in their best lighting and with a creativity flair. The session will provide your corporate needs for marketing, investor relations, annual reports, presentations, and beautiful prints framed for your office walls.

Service area: photographer works coast-to-coast, yet specializing in the Monahans, Pecos, Barstow, Kermit, Fort Stockton, TX all the way to Carlsbad and Hobbs, NM. Our territory for photoshoots is all of New Mexico and Texas.

We also photograph frac sand surface mines, chemical plants and distribution facilities, pipe manufacturers and suppliers, drill trucking services, and all petroleum allied industries. Chaplo can do product photography of all components and technologies such as drill bits in use in the Permian oil patch.

Permian Wolfcamp Drilling Rig Gallery                PHOTOS: © Paul Chaplo


MAP: Service ares of Permian Basin - Wolfcamp oil field photographer including Pecos, Monahans, TX and Carlsbad, Hobbs, NM

In response to the increased drilling activity, frac sites, and pipeline expansion in the Delaware Basin - Wolfcamp Shale, we have extended our service area into Pecos, TX, Monahans, Barstow, and Fort Stockton, Texas. In addition we are offering oilfield photography in New Mexico and can operate out of Carlsbad and Hobbs, NM. The southeast corner of New Mexico is bustling with activity and we go there with our mobile studio, traveling to all your locations. 

We cover all aspects of the oil and natural gas industry, as follows:
- Exploration to locate drill sites
- Location prep and earthwork, frac pits, storage ponds
- Moves of rigs and equipment
- Drilling activity: all aspects from the dog house to the floor
- Products including drill bits, pipe, generators, motors, instrumentation, and technology. We can capture your product in use on-locations or on-premises at your offices.
- Downhole work, measurement, slick wire, wire lines, tools. Show your specialization working in the Wolfcamp!
- Extraction, well heads, valves, data communications, chemical injection

- Storage tanks, metering, transfer, injection wells.
- Trucking: the oil patch depends on trucks, drivers, and dispatch to move gear and materials daily. We cans show your fleet and drivers at work moving America.
- Pipelines: from the well head to terminal we know pipeline construction, surveying, documentation of ROWs, boring, and trenching. In addition we know midstream to show compressor stations and plants.
- We follow your oil, gas, and petroleum products through all phases of transport and processing from the shale to the consumer. 

We primarily serve corporate clients, but sometimes get requests from magazines. If you are a petroleum trade journal needing a photojournalist to cover the Permian - Wolfcamp boom times, we are available for assignments to show the faces and gold rush -like action of this amazing resource for American energy. Chaplo is expert at caption writing as a published author with Texas A&M University Press. 

Need a big print? We can print 64 x 80 inches in one shot without the need for digital stitching. We can even photograph your well or products for a picture that will fill a billboard! 

From exploration to refinery, Chaplo provides full-stream photography of the oil and natural gas patch. 

Need some help? Call or email Paul now:


mobile: 972-898-6969

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