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Amarillo Flights: the Book and the Traveling Exhibition by Paul V.Chaplo


Photographer and author Paul Chaplo is offering the exhibit, Amarillo Flights: Aerial Views of Llano Country, to interested and qualified museums. The exhibit will be accompanied by the book Amarillo Flights being published by Texas A&M University Press (planned book release in Fall 2020).  The exhibit is now available for booking.

• 30 framed color photographs, including one large-scale image for title panel.
• 3 interpretive panels • Reasonable fee, flexible scheduling
• 130 running feet, customizable to your space
• Now available for booking
• Paired with book and book-signing (check for availability)
• Guest speaker, gallery talks possible
• Optional workshop for children or adults
• Amarillo Flights books available at bulk discount


The Amarillo Flights exhibit is the result of many hours in the air over the Llano Estacado and Canadian River Valley of Texas and New Mexico.  Chaplo’s goal was to capture this extraordinary region from his unique perspective.  His experience as both a professional photographer and his training in art make him exceptionally qualified to document this vast region of high plains and canyonlands. In the process, Chaplo captured the austere beauty of the landscape and creatively documented many heritage sites, some dating back to pre-history. 

After comparing and testing fine art papers, I have decided that the Amarillo Flights traveling exhibition will be printed on Red River Paper "Palo Duro Soft Gloss Rag Paper." A match made in the heavens, as my work includes Palo Duro Canyon and the Prairie Dog Fork of the Red River.  Red River Paper is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Are you a museum or gallery interested in booking the exhibition? Call or email Paul now:


mobile: 972-898-6969

  Amarillo Flights Prospectus available to qualified museums     PHOTOS: ©Paul Chaplo

Review Amarillo Flights Book and Exhibit by Paul Chaplo

Review of Paul Chaplo's previous work and exhibition at the Museum of the Big Bend  Design and Photo ©2019 Paul Chaplo

Amarillo Flights Book and Exhibit by Paul Chaplo
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