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Oilfield photographer Paul Chaplo captures 
the petroleum industry in dramatic images from drilling rig to refinery in the Permian Basin

Our service area has a bullseye on Midland, Texas

Copyrighted Image © Paul Chaplo

We are all about petroleum photography 

Only Chaplo has the right stuff for full-stream oil field photography: master's degree training from RIT, over a decade of experience, technical expertise and a creative eye to deliver superior images for our customers. From documenting seismic testing to drilling, fracing, midstream, pipelines and refineries, Chaplo is your Midland - Odessa, TX photographer in the Permian Basin and Wolfcamp Shale of Texas and New Mexico. 

On the ground and in the air, we make engaging pictures to show your oilfield assets, products, and people in their best light. By using the finest lenses, cameras, lighting, and precise exposure we make digital images that command the attention of your investors and customers. For aerial photography, Chaplo is unparalleled in his achievements in shooting for national ads and publications. We handle all your post-processing retouching needs. Our air services include airplanes, helicopters, and sUAV (drones).

When it comes to technical industrial sessions, Midland TX photographer Chaplo can document your engineering methodologies, processes and innovations with expertise. We have even worked in clean room environments. The resulting illustrations can be used to show progress to investors, market your products, and train employees. We have done years of work on proprietary processes and our lips are still sealed.

Paul works coast-to-coast, yet specializes in the Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, Abilene, Lubbock, TX all the way to Carlsbad and Hobbs, NM. Our territory for photo assignments is all of New Mexico and Texas.

Get a fresh look for your energy sector visual branding, marketing, sales and shareholder relations with a photo session by Chaplo. 

Oilfield photographer services 

oilfield drilling photographer midland tx odessa

©Paul Chaplo, AIA-Assoc.

From seismic exploration to your "home-run" gas well, Chaplo documents your assets in the oil field. Photography of equipment mobilization, drilling rigs, fracking, wells, downhole and service. 

Your petroleum photographer on the ground and in the air.

oilfield annual report photographer midland tx odessa texas

©Paul Chaplo, AIA-Assoc.

Capture your team members and give a personal touch to the visual branding with real portraits of your team in action. Whether you want gritty action photos, or expertly lit portraits we do it all.

The oil patch is our studio for annual report pics of people.

midland pipeline photographer odessa texas

©Paul Chaplo, AIA-Assoc.

Chaplo delivers with well-designed photographs of all stages of the flow of oil and gas from the well to pipelines, midstream compressor plants, to refineries and delivery to consumer. 

Full stream photography of your pipelines, plants, and refineries.

legal photography midland lubbock amarillo tx

©Paul Chaplo, AIA-Assoc.

Document conditions prior to work, record processes and measures. Gather visual data in advance for protection, or evidence to support your case. Legal photography from Chaplo.

Persuade and protect with documentary legal images.

midland tx aerial photographer odessa texas

©Paul Chaplo, AIA-Assoc.

Get your aerial photography from the man who wrote the book. Show the scope and locale with world-class aerial photography. Our photos are used in national magazine print advertising!

In the air, nobody does digital imagery better than Chaplo.

habs haer hals midland lubbock amarillo texas

Historical HABS Photography

©Paul Chaplo, AIA-Assoc.

Mitigate historic sites in your ROW for wells, plants, railroads and pipelines. We are experts in archival large format photography with film. Our photography meets Federal HDP specs for archives.

Photographer Midland, TX

SERVICES Midland TX Oil Photographer
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Bio: Petroleum Photographer

Paul Chaplo, MFA, AIA-Assoc.
Chief Photographer

Fit for duty
Lets face it, the oil patch is no place for beginners. Raised in a military family, Paul Chaplo earned his Master's Degree in Photography from the world-renown Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), where he was awarded the sole fellowship in his entire graduate school photography class. His endurance as an avid outdoorsman and long distance runner serves him well on tough assignments in adverse conditions from extreme heat to subzero cold. With multiple safety trainings and eVerifile background check, Chaplo operates safely with cameras and safety gear around active drilling and frack sites, in close quarters with heavy equipment, confined spaces, at heights -- on the land, sea and in the air. He is tenacious in accomplishing your photography objectives.

Chaplo wrote the book
Paul's book "Marfa Flights: Aerial Views of Big Bend Country" was published by Texas A&M University Press, College Station, Texas. Paul knows the editorial process and passes the extreme standards of creating pics for publication.​

He is currently working on his third book which is a photographic aerial study of the lands of West Texas and the Llano Estacado. His work has been widely published and exhibited including a major exhibition at the Museum of the Big Bend. Paul is also an AIA-Associate and photographs engineering achievements for the Historic American Engineering Record (HAER), and Historic American Building Survey (HABS), both Federal programs. 

Field-tested and proven
As an oilfield photographer, Chaplo is committed to extreme quality and reliability, even unsupervised. Give Paul specific objectives then you can decide to manage him closely, or wind him up and cut him loose to work within your goals. 

Visual Style Adapted Your Needs
Whether you need detailed documentation, creative flair, or a photojournalist style, Chaplo can customize the approach to fit your requirements.

Midland Texas-Photographer Oilfield TX

THE TEAM: Photographer Paul Chaplo and his wife Cyndi, an engineer and project manager (and our faithful dog Shelby!).



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Midland - Odessa, TX Photographer Service Area

Serving the Permian Basin and Wolfcamp Shale oilfields in Texas and New Mexico. Our mobile studio can travel anywhere. See our free guide on How to Prepare for Your Photosession.


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